Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Endorsements—Pam’s Thoughts

Ballot Question 1—The Marriage Amendment

I have never been a Republican wrapped up in the Social Issues like abortion or gay marriage. I have always thought that we lose way too much ground on the much more important issues such as a confiscatory tax system, illegal
immigration, Social Security reform, Medicaid/Medicare reform etc.

I was going to support this amendment mostly on the premise that I don’t think we should be paying for the extra infrastructure and costs
Involved in instituting a new marital status—gay marriage for the sake of maybe 2-10% of the population. By this I mean the extra courts
To handle gay divorce and property settlements, more money paid out in Social Security survivor benefits, increased health insurance costs
For the private sector businesses forced to cover gay couples, Federal Programs and IRS revamped to handle another new marital status etc.

Jim’s comments really made me rethink this. As a person who considers herself a loyal Republican who believes in the core principles of
The Republican Party—we are not about taking rights or freedoms away from anyone. We espouse the true essence of freedom more than
anything else. We are the Party of Civil Rights and freedom.

I am reserving judgement and endorsement on this ballot question until I can consider some more opinions and information from other
political minded people that I trust. I will post my endorsement and reasons why when I come to a final decision.

Ballot Question 2—Limits on Powers of the General Assembly

I concur with the general consensus of Bearing Drift contributors. Vote YES.

Ballot Question 3—Property Tax Exemptions

I share Vivian’s concern about Eminent Domain issues that may cause displaced people for no good public use reason. However,
I will vote yes for some reasons. 1)Local government is closest to the people and more accountable. 2) Anything that gives local
Government more autonomy and control is a good thing. 3) Local Govt is voted in by the the 18-20% of the population who are actually
engaged and concerned. 4) Anything that reduces taxes on property owners I will favor. Vote YES.

2nd Congressional District

I wholeheartedly endorse Congresswoman Thelma Drake for reelection as our representative in Congress.

I met Thelma Drake during her second run for the 87th House of Delegates seat in Norfolk. How? Thelma
knocked on my door at my Hyde Park home in Norfolk. I was surprised, and we talked briefly. The fact that
this lady running for office knocking on my door in my modest Bayview neighborhood asking for my support
was my first window of view into local Norfolk politics.

Since this time, I have become involved in the local Party unit and have been able to get to know Thelma on a more
personal and political basis. SOAPBOX—for anyone becoming involved with the local party unit of their choice, this
Is one of the greatest rewards you will receive. The direct interaction with elected officials and the opportunity to get to
know them is key in keeping an optimistic focus on politics in general. Most (not all) of them are real people who desire to serve the
public regardless of political affiliation. I would highly recommend getting involved in the local party unit of your choice.
Your life will be immensely enriched.

I find that I have a lot in common with Thelma Drake and see things very much the same as she does. We both come from
Modest circumstances and have worked hard for everything we have achieved. Thelma Drake works for the common sense
Conservative principles that I care about—lower taxes, efficiency in government, securing the border, leadership in property
Rights and protection against abuse of Eminent Domain, and protection of the 2nd Amendment. Thelma Drake has become a
Co-sponsor of HR25—The Fair Tax. The tax reform plan that will bring the US economy into resurgence, bring our jobs back
,allow Americans the choice of how much in federal taxes they will pay, and dismantle the labyrinth we call the Federal
Bureaucracy and IRS as we know it.

Thelma Drake is an example of what any concerned citizen can accomplish with hard work, passion and motivation.

Vote for Thelma Drake!!

Virginia Senate Race

My vote and endorsement goes to George Allen. Here is why, his record as VA Governor and Bush Tax Cuts

1) Welfare Reform in VA cut the welfare rolls by 50%
2) SOL’s Standards of Learning has instituted accountability in public schools and exposed the problem areas and the
Localities needing the most help. The SOL’s are largely responsible for the turnaround in Norfolk Public Schools and now
we are receiving awards for closing the gap in urban education.
3) Ending Parole---2/3 of crime was committed by repeat felons. Ending parole reduced crime.
4) Support of Bush Tax Cuts
5) I do know George Allen to be a decent man and no racist. Endorsements by myriad of African American organizations, leaders, ministers and organizations should say this to people who have no other information to judge.

Coming from a partisan prospective, I want George Allen to hold the VA seat in the Senate. As an active Republican, I am
disappointed in the campaign, and believe there are systemic problems in the last 3 statewide campaigns by VA Republicans that
Is too involved to go into here.

Unfortunately, George Allen’s rock star status is diminished as a Presidential candidate, but I don’t think we can make predictions
for 2008. 2008 is a lifetime away, and anything can happen.

No one ever said that politics was boring!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Bearing Drift -- Conservative Blog for Hampton Roads, Virginia

Is Phil Kellam a serious candidate?

It has come to my attention that Phil Kellam did not register to vote until 1995--at the age of 40.

A question from Joel Rubin from the Laborday weekend "On the Record" says:

"And, you know, your uncles and your father were very much involved in politics, but from this generation, it’s only you. Did all the rest of the Kellams get turned off by it because the lore of the Kellams which seem to be something a lot of other Kellams might want to …"

Phil Kellam's response? "I didn't get the memo"

I guess he didn't get the memo to register to vote until he wanted to continue the family tradition and run for office.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bearing Drift -- Conservative Blog for Hampton Roads, Virginia

Woe to The Pilot

I am salivating at the thought of the letters to the editor we are going to see. The Virginian Pilot, purports that the Commonwealth is the only state who can hold up a budget with wild-eyed irresponsible anti taxers like me.

Even the liberal Democrat controlled New Jersey General Assembly says enough! They are now in a standoff with Gov Corzine over a .01 sales tax increase.

So, is there anybody here that has not used up their 1 per 6 months letter to The Pilot?